Africa newest stop for DISCOP


Creators of the Eastern European TV market DISCOP said Wednesday that they are opening a new niche content market, DISCOP Africa.

"There is a real need for an event of this type," DISCOP GM Patrick Jucaud said of the confab, set to run Feb. 25-27 in Dakar, Senegal. "The advent of low-cost digital television has made the African continent one of the world's new emerging markets. More than 300 national, regional and thematic TV channels are now available servicing the entertainment, educational and information content needs of an ever-growing number of viewers."

Added Rick Feldman, president and CEO of NATPE, DISCOP's joint partner: "DISCOP has been hugely successful, developing into the must-attend market for broadcasters in Eastern Europe and their distribution customers. Building on our experience in the CEE (central and eastern Europe), we know how to make this new niche market benefit all those who buy, sell and broadcast in Africa."

The three-day event will combine a conference focusing on the investment opportunities in African television stations and a dedicated market for buyers and sellers that will include screenings.

Jucaud said the conference also will be of interest to advertisers and ad agencies ready to sponsor the acquisition of high-quality television content and get involved in barter deals within Africa.