Afrojack Owns More Than 300 Pairs of Shoes

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Afro Jack attends Fashion Rocks during New York Fashion Week on September 9, 2014. 

The sixth highest-paid DJ in the world even keeps pairs that don't fit. Baller

This year's Fashion Rocks, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, brought a crowd of all-star performers — Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Miranda Lambert and Duran Duran — and rising singing sensations — Rita Ora, Nico & Vinz and the boys of MAGIC! — to join forces with fashion's biggest players (designers Steve Madden and Tommy Hilfiger, as well as runway beauties Lily Aldridge and Karolina Kurkova) to celebrate music and fashion's biggest night at Barclays Center on Tuesday. Also joining the star-studded lineup (and a naked Justin Bieber) was Afrojack (nee Nick van de Wall), who happened to be celebrating his 27th birthday that evening. 

Wearing a G-Star custom outfit with black Jordan sneakers, Louis Vuitton shades, and an oversized Y3 coat, which Afrojack said he bought recently ("I saw it in a Y3 store. We were driving by and I was like, 'Oh my god, I need that jacket'"), the Dutch music producer tells Pret-a-Reporter that he wasn't always into fashion.

"Three years ago, I didn't have any style. I just wore baggy pants and random shoes," says the 6'9''-tall DJ before he headed in to perform "Ten Feet Tall" with Wrabel for his first set, and then deejay the disco salute and playing "Bad Girl" and Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive." "I didn't think about what would look cool or anything, but once I started talking to Remco [de Nijs] from G-Star and a couple of other people, I saw the  whole fashion world. I never looked into it, but once I experienced it — I saw all the forms of art, like you can wear art."

So, what does his closet look like these days? "Now I have way too many clothes. I have a living room full of clothes. It's insane," says the No. 6 highest-paid DJ in the world. "I have more than 300 pairs [of shoes]. I even have shoes that don't fit. They're just so cool I wanted to have them." If we were rolling deep with a $22 million salary, we'd probably do the same, too.