Afterburner, Rebstock team for FX


Los Angeles-based Afterburner Films Inc. has inked a partnership deal with Prague-based special effects house Rebstock Associates to produce special effects for Afterburner productions utilizing a newly developed digital system that allows special effects artists to collaborate creatively across international borders.

“This represents the first time that truly global resources will be utilized (by us) to enhance filmmaking in a cost and time effective manner,” Afterburner CEO Dave Riggs said in announcing the partnership. Housed on servers in Prague and Kiev, the technology allows artists from different countries to interact with effects supervisors and directors in Hollywood in real time.

“The cost of artists has everybody looking offshore for resources,” said Riggs, who added that his company spent almost three years developing the “real time” technology with its Prague-based partner. “We were seeking a way to create a digital world and artificial universe for us to communicate in cyberspace.”

 The Prague effects staff includes artists from the teams that worked on “XXX,” “The Bourne Identity” and “Casino Royale” and is supervised from the Afterburner offices in Los Angeles. The indie production house aims to specialize in effects-heavy action features.
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