'Afterlife' tops int'l b.o. for 2nd straight week

Film breaks $100 mil barrier; 'Inception' lands at No. 3

"Resident Evil: Afterlife" in 3D took the No. 1 box office slot on the foreign theatrical circuit for the second consecutive weekend, grossing $36.5 million --$2.2 million less than Sunday's projection -- drawn from more than 6,419 screens in 50 markets.

In only 10 days overseas, Constantin Film's scifi-action-horror outing starring Milla Jovovich has broken the $100-million offshore box office barrier (actual cume, $101.7 million).

That makes "Afterlife" the biggest-grossing title overseas of the "Resident Evil" franchise; previous title holder was 2007's "Resident Evil: Extinction," which tallied a foreign gross total of $95.5 million.

In its latest weekend of play, "Afterlife" took the No. 1 spot in 42 of its 48 markets, scoring best in its second Japan round ($5.08 million from 657 sites). Notable first-place debuts were recorded in Mexico ($3.2 million from 661 spots), Korea ($3.12 million from 333 locations) and Brazil ($3 million from 309 screens). In Germany via distributor Constantin, "Afterlife" drew $5.3 million from 434 locations.

The film is being distributed overseas by Sony (whose territories threw off $30.2 million of the total weekend gross) in addition to local distributors in various markets and Summit International, which is handling "Afterlife" in Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey and Israel.

Newcomers to the overseas circuit this weekend included Warner Bros.' "The Town," actor-director Ben Affleck's crime drama about Boston-area bank robbers, which opened No. 1 in Paris and No. 2 in France overall. Debut heist in the single market was $2.1 million including previews from 293 locations

Sony opened "Eat Pray Love," the saga of a divorced woman finding herself via a world journey, in eight markets for a weekend tally of $3.24 million drawn from 693 screens. The Julia Roberts vehicle debuted stylishly in Japan (at No. 4 with $1.3 million drawn from 281 screens) and Italy (No. 2 with $1.7 million elicited from 320 spots).

"Easy A," director Will Gluck's romantic comedy about a high school girl's manipulation of her school's rumor mill, opened in three markets, drawing $1.1 million from a total of 167 screens.

Universal premiered "Devil," a horror thriller backed by Media Rights Capital and coproducer M. Night Shyamalan, at 554 screens in seven offshore territories for $2.32 million on the weekend. A No. 2 debut in the U.K. provided $1.3 million from 337 sites. There will be seven more openings including Russia later this week.

Focus Features' George Clooney vehicle, "The American," opened No. 1 via Universal in Spain with $1.6 million drawn from 274 locations. In Germany via Tobis, the opening weekend generated $1.1 million from 247 sites. In all, "The American" drew over the weekend $4 million from 994 screens in a dozen territories for a foreign cume of $8.4 million so far over two rounds.

Finishing in the No. 2 weekend spot was Fuji TV/Toho's 3D disaster epic, "Umizaru 3: The Last Message," which opened at 467 screens in Japan, grossing a whopping $11.3 million.

No. 3, and still coming up with solid offshore numbers was "Inception," director Christopher Nolan's scifi thriller from Warner Bros. Latest international weekend drew $10.1 million from 6,330 situations in 63 markets. Foreign gross total for the Leonardo DiCapiro vehicle comes to $468.1 million. It remained No. 1 in China with $4.7 million collected from 3,390 screens for a market cume of $41 million. An Italy opening is due this week.

No. 4 was Paramount's "The Last Airbender" from director M. Night Shyamalan, generated $5.7 million in weekend grosses from 2,999 venues in 58 territories. A No. 1 Australia bow drew $2.6 million from 341 venues. Foreign box office for the 3D adaptation of a Nickelodeon TV series totals $158.6 million.

Fifth was Disney's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced live action outing starring Nicolas Cage, which pulled $5.5 million in weekend action from 3,203 sites in 31 markets. With the film winding down its overseas run, the international gross total stands at $138 million. Global cume is just shy of $200 million.

Sony's cop comedy "The Other Guys" opened a solid No. 1 in the U.K. with $3.1 million drawn from 434 screens (it also premiered No. 1 in the United Arab Emirates). Overall weekend for the Will Farrell-Mark Wahlberg title drew $5.35 million from 794 locations, moving its early overseas cume to $8.9 million.

"Despicable Me," Universal's 3D animation outing voice principally by Steve Carell, opened in Korea and New Zealand, generating $5.2 million overall on the weekend from 1,167 venues in 24 territories. The film held the No. 2 spot in Australia with $2.1 million drawn from 403 locations for an 11-day market cume of $7.5 million. Overseas gross total stands at $88.6 million.

Fox's horror movie sendup, "Vampires Suck," opened No. 1 in Italy ($2.6 million from 317 locations), and drew $5 million on the weekend overall from 1,738 situations in 24 territories. Overseas cume stands at $19.6 million.

Sony's Cold War drama, "Salt" drew $4.2 million on the weekend from 2,633 sites in 75 markets thanks in part to a No. 1 Greece debut. Cume for the Angelina Jolie vehicle stands at $162.7 million. Summit Int'l./Universal/Disney's "Step Up 3D" grossed $4.1 million from 1,799 screens in 38 markets for an international cume of $102 million, as per Summit.

Sony's "The Karate Kid" updates moved its international cume to $166.6 million thanks to a $3.7 million weekend at 2,500 spots in 77 markets. Pixar/Disney's "Toy Story 3" in 3D with its $635.7 million foreign gross total accumulated over four-and-a-half months is now the 10th highest-grossing international release ever. Latest weekend generated $3.5 million from 3,456 sites. Global cume is $1.046 billion.

Sony's "Grown Ups" starring Adam Sandler laughed all the way to $3.18 million from 1,865 locales in 66 markets, pushing its overseas cume to $89.2 million. The family-oriented "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" began runs in Korea, Italy and Australia, and grossed $3.2 million on the weekend from a total of 2,520 sites in 55 markets. Cume for the Warner's release is $60.3 million.

Another family title, DreamWorks Animation/Paramount's "Shrek Forever After" in 3D boosted its overseas cume to $491.2 million ($20.7 million of which stems from a continuing Italy engagement) thanks to a $1.7 million weekend at 1,094 venues in 24 territories. And this latest "Shrek" has yet to play Japan.

Top title in France was Mars Distribution's "Des homes et des dieux" ("Of Men and Gods"), which grossed $2.8 million in its second round at 424 spots. Market cume for the drama from director Xavier Beauvois about monks fending of Muslim terrorists in mid-90's Algeria stands at $6.4 million.

Opening No. 6 in France was director Claude Lelouch's romantic drama, "Ces amours-la." The Rezo Films' release described as a "hym to love" drew $792,581 from 307 screens.

Other international cumes: Various regional distributors' "The Expendables," estimated $121 million; Paramount's "Dinner for Schmucks," $4.8 million; Fox's "Hidalgo: La Historia Jamas Contada," $1.46 million in No. 2 Mexico opener at 659 sites; Fox's "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," $4.4 million; Universal's "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," $12 million; Fox's "Avatar: Special Edition," $2.014 billion; Paramount's "Tomorrow When the War Began," $9 million over three rounds in Australia and New Zealand; Fox's "Nosso Lar," $13.7 million over three Brazil rounds; Fox's "The A-Team," $99.9 million; Fox's "Marmaduke," $46.2 million; and Fox's "Predators," $73.7 million.