'The Aftermath' Trailer: Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgard Are Forbidden Lovers in Post-WWII Germany

Jason Clarke co-stars as Col. Lewis Morgan, Knightley's husband, in the big-screen adaptation of Rhidian Brook's 2013 novel.

Frequent period piece star Keira Knightley plays Rachael Morgan in The Aftermath, the cinematic adaptation of Rhidian Brook's 2013 book about love, grief and heartbreak in 1946 Hamburg.

Jason Clarke co-stars as Rachael's husband, Col. Lewis Morgan. At the start of the film, the couple relocates from England to Hamburg to assist in efforts to rebuild the city, which was devastated by British bombers during the summer of 1943.

"They're still finding bodies," Lewis tells his wife as they pass through the rubble-ridden streets of Hamburg. "It's chaos out there."

During their stay, the Morgans requisition the house of Stefan Lubert (Alexander Skarsgard), a German widower who lost his wife during the bombings. Taking pity on Stefan and his young daughter, Lewis allows the Luberts to live with him and Rachael instead of forcing them to find a new home.

Living in close quarters, Rachael and Stefan soon develop a mutual attraction and begin a passionate love affair. But their conflicting nationalities and ideologies threaten to tear their relationship — and their families — apart.

The Aftermath marks director James Kent's second theatrically released feature after 2014's Testament of Youth. The film, which was executive produced by Ridley Scott, was adapted for the screen by Brook and the writing team of Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse (Race).

The torrid romantic drama will arrive in theaters on April 26, 2019.