AFTRA employees sign new pact

Wage increases better than what SAG workers received.

AFTRA concluded a deal with its unionized business reps in Los Angeles on Thursday, and the wage increases are a bit sweeter than the one SAG's employees managed in August.

AFTRA's workers will receive a 2.5% increase in the first year, then 3% in the second and third of the three-year pact. That compares with 2%-2%-2% for the guild's reps.

It's unclear, however, whether the AFTRA employees were starting from a lower base, or whether other aspects of the package were not as good as SAG's, so the comparison may not be apples to apples.

The increases were retroactive to Sept. 5. SAG's weren't, but the SAG employees worked without a contract for two-and-half months rather than the one-and-a-half months the AFTRA workers did.

AFTRA's business reps negotiated improvements in pension and health. The contract also includes a new dental plan and new provisions regarding car allowances and meal allowances.

AFTRA's Los Angeles business reps are represented by Teamsters Local 399, SAG's by Local 986. Local 399 is the same organization that represents Hollywood truck drivers and others.