AFTRA Opposing Talent Agent Deregulation in Florida

The legislative proposal was nonetheless voted up in committee and now goes to the full state House of Representatives.

Talent agents are regulated in California, New York, and a number of other states – but in an unusual move, Florida is proposing to deregulate the profession. AFTRA is saying no.

In a letter to state Rep. Denise Grimsley (R), AFTRA’s Miami Executive Director/S. E. Regional Director Herta Suarez decried the legislation as “a move in the wrong direction.”

Grimsley chairs the Florida House Appropriations Committee. The letter, dated March 30 (but released by AFTRA on Monday) was an attempt to dissuade the committee from passing the bill, HB 5005. The attempt was unsuccessful.

Grimsley declined to comment, and the sponsor of the bill, state Rep. Dorothy Hukill, was unavailable at press time.

According to AFTRA, the bill now goes to the full House.