Lucy Lawless Teases 'Agents of SHIELD' Role: "She's Somebody Coulson Can Trust"


The actress and Clark Gregg made up an elaborate history for their characters' relationship "because we are naughty actors and want to make it more interesting"

Agents of SHIELD is picking up the pieces following the explosive events of Captain America: Winter Soldier and the ABC show's season one finale.

SHIELD has been dismantled, and Coulson (Clark Gregg) is charged with putting it back together. So whom does he call? None other than Lucy Lawless, who plays Isabelle Hartley, an old friend (OK, possibly more than a friend) with a penchant for killing.

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"She's a mercenary, but she's somebody Coulson can trust above all others. He knows that historically she's on the same side as him," Lawless tells The Hollywood Reporter. "In fact, she's on any side he's on."

Lawless plays coy when giving specifics as to her character's history with Coulson.

"She's certainly been around a long time. The only reason he knows he can trust her is the weight of history between them," she says. "They've got to rebuild SHIELD — and who are you gonna call? You're going to call Isabelle Hartley." 

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She adds that she and Gregg came up with an elaborate backstory for their relationship "because we are naughty actors and want to make it more interesting."

Check back to following Tuesday's premiere for the full, spoiler-filled Q&A with Lawless.

Agents of SHIELD returns for season two at 9 p.m. on ABC.