New Agreement Puts Price Tag on Celebrities' Twitter Pictures

The deal between WENN and the picture sharing firm Plixi will end free access to images posted by famous faces.

Entertainment photo agency WENN and the picture sharing company Plixi have completed a deal that will severely limit the access publishers have to images posted on Twitter.

The new agreement will give WENN control over the public sale of images on Plixi’s server. According to the Press Gazette, this means magazines, newspapers and blogs could potentially start having to pay up to thousands of dollars to publish the exclusive candid photos celebrities tweet.
The Press Gazette also reports that anyone who previously used Plixi images without permission could be subject to penalty fines after the new system takes effect.
WENN CEO Lloyd Beiny said the deal would resolve what he describes as a “digital wild west,” in which “Publications, websites and photo agencies have liberally helped themselves to the photos posted on Plixi and reproduced them with scant concern for the ownership of copyright.”
Sean Callahan, CEO of Plixi, Inc., added, “This partnership will help solve the fundamental problem of media outlets not providing proper attribution to photos they publish from our service.”
Plixi, formerly known as TweetPhoto, is one of the most widely used photo sharing services among Twitter users. Stars such as Russell Brand, Miley Cyrus and Courtney Love have used it to post controversial images online. Currently, people who upload photos to the site retain ownership of their images but automatically give up the commercial rights to distribute them.