Teen Arrested Over Homemade Clock Happy to Take On Symbolic Role: "I Will Fight for You if You Can't Stand Up for Yourself"

Courtesy of Anil Dash / Twitter
Ahmed Mohamed

Ahmed Mohamed spoke to 'Good Morning America' about being detained by the police, who thought his invention looked like a bomb, and having President Obama, MIT, Google and Facebook reach out to him.

The 14-year-old student who became a social media sensation after he was arrested when he brought a homemade clock to school that officials thought resembled a bomb spoke out on Thursday's Good Morning America.

Ahmed Mohamed talked about being detained by the police and the outpouring of support, including social media messages from President Barack Obama, MIT, Google and Facebook.

Mohamed revealed he was "scared" when he was arrested, saying he "never thought" that would happen. He added, via video from Irving, Texas, that he repeatedly told police that his invention was a clock and that the cops said he couldn't call his parents while he was being interrogated.

The clock, he pointed out, is still in custody, but the media-savvy teen eloquently expressed what he'd like to have happen.

"I want it back, with my humility," he said. Mohamed, a longtime inventor, said that the clock was "part of [his] future plan" and that he was going to keep making things.

"This isn't my first invention, and it won't be my last invention," he told GMA's Robin Roberts.

When asked about the outpouring of support, Mohamed, who said he was "really happy" about the global interest, seemed to embrace his symbolic role for others who've experienced similar ordeals.

"This support isn't just for me; it's for everyone who's been through this," said Mohamed. "I will fight for you if you can't stand up for yourself."

Mohamed became a social media sensation, with people tweeting #IStandWithAhmed. MIT reached out to him, Google invited him to its science fair, Twitter invited him to intern, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asked him to visit, and even President Obama tweeted, "Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House?"

Mohamed said Wednesday that he would be going to the White House, but on Thursday's GMA, he revealed that he was most excited to hear from MIT, saying it was a dream of his to go there.

After Roberts thanked Mohamed for his time, the teen signed off by saying, "And good morning, America!" Roberts, who laughed, along with her GMA colleagues, said they didn't ask him to do that; he did that on his own.

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