'Up in the Air' ad tops TiVo viewing list

Commercial most-watched among Oscar's best picture noms

If there were an Oscar for the best TV commercial for a best picture nominee, it would go to "Up in the Air." And it wouldn't even be close.

That's one conclusion you could draw from an effort by TiVo to figure out which movie ads are watched and which are skipped. For "Air," 83% of those who could have easily fast-forwarded through the ad chose instead to watch it.

TiVo studied the TV ads for all 10 best picture nominees going back six months, then broke down the results into a dozen categories. "Air" scored highest in 11 of them, only losing to "Up" in the category of cable TV in households with children ages 2-5.

It's in the overall broadcast category that "Air" scored an 83% success rate. A distant second was "The Blind Side," whose commercials were watched 55% of the time.

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"The ad campaign for 'Up in the Air' was truly extraordinary," said Todd Juenger, GM of TiVo Audience Research & Measurement.

The race was closer for cable watchers, with "Air" beating "Avatar" by 69%-63%.

In third place among broadcast commercials was "Inglourious Basterds" at 53%; in cable, it was "District 9" at 56%.