'Up in the Air' shifted to Dec. 4

Overlapped with 'Men Who Stare at Goats' release

Paramount has shifted its release date for George Clooney starrer "Up in the Air" to Dec. 4.

That's three weeks later than "Air" had been scheduled for release as recently as Tuesday. The move effectively cedes mid-November to a rival studio's Clooney pic that counts the topliner among its producers.

Overture has the war-themed comedy "The Men Who Stare at Goats" scheduled for wide release on Nov. 6. The Hollywood Reporter reported Tuesday that the Overture film was likely to remain in that slot, while the Par pic was likely to move because of uneasiness about the proximity of the Clooney films.

"Air" is considered the more commercial of the two, though either film could figure in awards-season buzz. "Air" originally was set for a December release until it was moved to November amid a previous round of jockeying.

The return of "Air" to a December slot should avoid an awkward overlap in ads and promos with those for "Goats."