Air time for 7 at Fox Business Network


NEW YORK -- Fox Business Network on Wednesday named anchors and other on-air personalities to the burgeoning business news channel, which launches nationwide next month.

David Asman, Cheryl Casone, Rebecca Gomez, Dagen McDowell and Stuart Varney will all have anchor jobs at the new channel. So too will Brenda Buttner and Terry Keenan, who along with Asman host business-related programs on the Fox News Channel.

All of them will stay connected to Fox News Channel as well, the network said.

When the channel launches Oct. 15, it will draw from those correspondents and anchors as well as Fox News veteran Neil Cavuto and business news director Alexis Glick, who came to Fox News from NBC News.

Asman hosts "Forbes on Fox," and is a longtime Fox News veteran and former Wall Street Journal editor. Casone has been a correspondent at Fox News covering business since 2006; Gomez joined Fox News Channel in 1996 and has covered business as well. McDowell started covering business for Fox News in 2003. Varney contributes to "Your World With Neil Cavuto," and joined Fox News from CNBC and CNN.

Asman, Buttner and Keenan host weekend business news programs on Fox News Channel, which along with "Your World With Neil Cavuto," are the top-rated business news programs on TV. Buttner's show is "Bulls and Bears," while Keenan hosts "Cashin' In."

Fox Business Network has been aggressively wooing business news correspondents, including some from rival CNBC, to join the channel when it launches. There have been rumors that several of CNBC's heavy hitters have been approached and others have met with Fox executives.