Airlines Pull SkyMall From Planes

Skymall Cover 2015 - P 2015

Skymall Cover 2015 - P 2015

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Two of the biggest airlines in the United States — United Airlines and American Airlines — started pulling issues of SkyMall from their airplanes as early as Thursday, preceding an announcement that the in-flight publication had declared bankruptcy.

The catalog, which announced it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Friday, will no longer be available on either airline.

American Airlines representative Laura Nedbal told The Hollywood Reporter that SkyMall contacted the airline on Jan. 21 to say they were "suspending operations with their retail catalog business." Nedbal said, "As a result, we began pulling the magazine from our aircrafts yesterday."

SkyMall did not request the pull, it was American Airlines' decision. "It's just customer consideration since we knew that the second-quarter issue wasn't coming out." She added that the process would "take some time."

A United representative told THR their staff was also beginning to pull the magazine from their planes as well.