AirSculpting is Hollywood’s Newest Body Shaping Treatment

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"We literally had so many people [signed up] that we couldn’t fit in all the people who wanted it done in time for awards season."

There's a new fat-removal technique that has Hollywood buzzing. According to Dr. Aaron Rollins, "A-listers, models, agents, executives, royalty, and rock stars," are among those who are flocking to his office for his AirSculpt procedure. He adds, “Pre-award season is our busiest time."

Dr. Rollins has been perfecting AirSculpt (starting at $5,000 per area) for the last six years. The procedure promises to eliminate excess fat permanently using no needles and leaving no scars or stitches behind — all while the patient is awake! Liposuction is often painful, with heavy bruising, and can require six months of healing. But, according to Dr. Rollins, his method is more akin to procedures like Botox or chemical peels. Most patients return to work (or filming) within 48 hours looking more toned and thinner instantly. “You come in with your fat and you leave without it,” says Dr. Rollins of the immediate results, which differentiates it from other noninvasive fat removal techniques on the market, which can take months to see full effects.

The unwanted fat is removed cell by cell using the AirSculpt tool through a freckle-sized puncture hole. “During the procedure, we give the patient a mirror and they can actually see that they are getting dramatically skinnier. You can see your fat in the bucket,” says Dr. Rollins. Unlike CoolSculpting, SculpSure and other similar fat freezing or melting techniques, this method does not require patients to buy a series of treatments. 

The bi-coastal doctor (he has offices in Beverly Hills, Houston, Sacramento, Chicago, New York and Dallas), who studied at McGill University Faculty of Medicine in Montreal, Canada, says that when he started performing liposuction, “I thought, 'This is the most barbaric, horrible thing,' and I wanted to come up with a finer paintbrush to make a prettier painting; you can’t make a nice painting with a broom.” The doctor likens traditional liposuction to a “cheese grater that scrapes out flesh” and explains that this is why his procedure is less painful and has far less downtime. “It’s so gentle that the fat cells don’t get damaged." 

His “Oscar Arms” procedure, popular among A-listers, uses the Airsculpt tool to chisel the arm muscles and promises that in less than a week, the patient is fully healed and ready to wear any sleeveless dress. The most requested treatment this season though, was fat transfers to the breasts. Using the undamaged, eliminated fat from your Airscuplt procedure, Dr. Rollins is able to plump up and lift the breasts with the fat rather than using implants. “We literally had too many people — we couldn’t do all the people who wanted it done in time for awards season.”