Aisha Tyler signs on for 'XIII'

Virginie Ledoyen, Caterina Murino also cast in thriller series

TORONTO -- Jay Firestone's Prodigy Pictures has signed up Aisha Tyler ("24," "CSI"), Virginie Ledoyen and Caterina Murino to co-star in the Canadian thriller series "XIII," now shooting in Toronto.

The drama, top-lined by Stuart Townsend as XIII, a former secret agent struggling to discover his true identity and the governmental consipiracy surrounding him, will see Tyler play a top CIA operator and Ledoyen a mercenary hired by a former U.S. President to track XIII.

Other key cast include Greg Bryk, Stephen McHattie and Wally Sheridan.
The Canadian series is named for the Roman numeral tattooed on the main character's neck.
Prodigy is co-producing "XIII," which is set in France, with French partner Cipango.
Canal Plus has already picked up the hour-long drama for the French TV market, and Showcase will air the drama in Canada.
Firestone is executive producing XIII along with Cipango's Edouard De Vesinne and Thomas Anargyros.
Gil Grant will show run and executive produce the series.
Wanda Chaffey is producing the Canadian-French TV series, which has yet to snag a U.S. broadcaster.
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