Akimbo inks 4 big studios for downloads


NEW YORK -- Internet video-on-demand service Akimbo said Wednesday that films from MGM Studios, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Pictures will be available for download via the Movielink download service.

Using the RCA Akimbo Player, a box released Monday that links the Internet to the television, consumers will be able to download the movies to watch on their TV at prices ranging from 99 cents- $4.99. Movielink, owned in part by the aforementioned studios, has 800-900 new and old titles available to Akimbo subscribers.

In addition to the Hollywood titles that will be available on Akimbo, more than 13,000 other on-demand titles, including television and Internet offerings, also are available for download on the site.

"There's no need anymore to run out to the mailbox or the video store," Akimbo CEO Joshua Goldman said.

Users can store up to 100 hours of programming on the RCA Akimbo Player.