Akimbo VOD doing Windows


NEW YORK -- Internet VOD service Akimbo will be available in beta mode on Windows XP and Vista-based PCs next week, the company is set to announce today.

Akimbo will be using Rexio Venue, a media management application, to bring the technology to PCs.

The company also said that users will able to burn Akimbo content onto recordable DVDs starting in the summer.

"This is really about giving consumers more choices," Akimbo vp marketing Jim Funk said. "We think there is a market for premium programming on PCs."

Previously, Akimbo users could only download content to a set-top box that connects to a TV set. Content from the BBC, A&E, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel and other broadcast and online networks are available through the service.

Akimbo also is set to announce today that they are partnering with the NHL to make Stanley Cup playoff games available on their player 48 hours after the initial live broadcast. For the 2007-08 season, the service will present full-length regular season NHL games, classic games and weekly highlights.

The software is available at www.akimbo.com.

Akimbo is funded by AT&T, Cisco Systems Inc. and others.