Akin's push the difference for pic 'Takva'


German director Fatih Akin, whose hard-hitting social drama "Head-On" won the Golden Bear in 2004, has returned to this year's Festival, this time as a producer, on Ozer Kiziltan's Berlinale Panorama entry "Takva -- A Man's Fear of God."

The story of a devout Muslim man who is torn between his faith and his desire for worldly things, "Takva" would probably never have been made if it hadn't had Akin's name attached.

"He brought in 50% of the financing through his company, Corazon International and lined up the sales company (The Match Factory)," Kiziltan said. "If it hadn't been for Akin, I don't see how we would have managed to finance it."

Like Akin's upcoming directorial effort, "Yasamin kiyisinda," and his recent documentary "Crossing the Bridge," "Takva" is set in modern-day Istanbul.

"At the moment I find Turkey more exciting than Germany, the stories there are more immediate," Akin said. "Germany seems to me to be a sated society right now. People have enough of everything. There are still issues -- like the East-West issues, things are at the center of films like 'The Lives Of Others,' but those aren't my stories. In Turkey, things are exploding."

With his Hamburg-based single, Corazon International, Akin said he is focusing on "politically aware entertainment" in the style of 1970s New Hollywood.

"New Hollywood has always been my big inspiration and the big advantage of producing, for me, is that it gives me the opportunity to make the kind of films that I want to see."