Akira Ogata to remake Louis Malle pic

'Elevator to the Gallows' to be released next fall

TOKYO -- Akira Ogata is to remake "Elevator to the Gallows" a 1958 film by late French director, Louis Malle, to be titled "Shikeidai no Elevator."

Hiroshi Abe and Michiko Kise are to take the lead roles of lovers whose murder plot goes awry.

The original, "Ascenseur pour l'echafaud," was scored by Miles Davis, though there are no details as to whether any of his legendary soundtrack will be used this time around. The remake is understood to have the blessing of Malle's son and is due to be released by Kadokawa next fall.

Kadokawa Pictures is being merged with the Kadokawa Entertainment DVD distribution arm by Kadokawa Group Holdings, in November.

Meanwhile, November also sees the release of "The Laughing Policeman," the return to directing of Haruki Kadokawa, son of the founder of the publishing and media house.

Haruki, person non grata in the Japanese film world after his 1993 cocaine bust, has worked as a producer but this is his first time behind the camera in 12 years.