Al Franken Slams Donald Trump on Bill Maher's 'Real Time': He's a "Terrible President"

Al Franken - Getty - H 2017
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The Democratic senator dropped by the HBO show for the first time since canceling his appearance over the host's widely criticized use of the N-word.

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) visited HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday night for the first time since canceling a previous appearance on the show over the host's widely criticized use of a racial slur.

On the latest episode, Franken and Maher sat down to discuss this week in politics, namely the backlash President Donald Trump faced for his reaction to the race-fueled rally and counterprotests in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 12.

When asked by Maher what took other Republicans so long to speak out against Trump, Franken joked, "I've known for weeks that Trump is a terrible president."

Maher openly questioned whether Trump's response to Charlottesville would serve as a "turning point" for how people from both political parties view the president or if it would be just another incident "sewn into his horror quilt."

"The problem with this administration is Trump," said the senator. "This week was unbelievably horrible," he added, but, despite what happened, "I don't think [Trump] changes."

Franken revealed that he has spoken to Republican senators who "have a lot of doubts about" Trump but won't go public because the president "still has 80 percent of his base buying it — and that's their base."

Maher noted, "He's nothing without his enablers."

Franken had previously bowed out of his guest spot on the show, which was originally scheduled for June, after Maher was publicly slammed for using the N-word while joking on his program.

"Senator Franken believes that what Bill Maher said was inappropriate and offensive, which is why he made the decision not to appear on the next episode of Real Time," a representative for Franken stated at the time. "He was glad to see Bill, who the Senator considers to be a good friend, apologize and express sincere regret for his comment."

Other panel guests on Real Time's episode on Friday included California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, magician Penn Jillette and political analyst Amy Holmes.