Al Roker Receives COVID-19 Vaccine Live on 'Today' Show

Al Roker getting his COVID-19 vaccine
Courtesy of NBC/Universal

The morning show host "lucked out" in securing a spot for vaccination in New York state.

On Tuesday morning, the Today show’s Al Roker received the first round of his COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine live on the air.

As part of the NBC morning show’s "Vaccinating America” series, Roker — who qualifies for the vaccine in New York as an individual over the age of 65 — reported his experience from the city's Lenox Hill hospital.

As for securing an appointment for the shot, Roker shared tips for success after his own attempts "all weekend long."

"I kept hitting refresh, refresh, refresh on the browser and finally got in…" Roker explained. “They put up a certain amount of appointments each day and then luck of the draw… I lucked out."

Prior to receiving his vaccination, Roker spoke with Lenox Hill’s medical director Dr. Daniel Baker, who confirmed that the vaccine is “absolutely” safe.

“We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of doses since and everybody’s doing rather quite well,” Baker told Roker. The doctor also emphasized the importance of continued mask-wearing even as more people receive the vaccine.

Once Roker officially sat down for the shot, he joked with nurse Jessica Callard, “Will I get a Hello Kitty Band-Aid?”

Roker joins other Hollywood figures who have received the vaccination such as Steve Martin, 75, who also qualified in New York, and Ian McKellen, 81, who was among the first groups eligible for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in the U.K.

New York is vaccinating its residents on a phase basis, beginning with essential, front-line workers and highest-risk individuals.

Watch the clip below.