It's Official: Rev. Al Sharpton to Host 'PoliticsNation' at MSNBC

Jemal Countess/Getty Images
Al Sharpton

The civil rights activist and frequent MSNBC guest will launch his daily 6 p.m. show on Aug. 29.

Mere weeks after MSNBC president Phil Griffin told reporters that Rev. Al Sharpton "fits into the MSNBC sensibility," the civil rights activist has officially joined the cable network's roster of hosts.

The frequent cable news guest will host PoliticsNation, a nightly program that will air weeknights live at 6 pm eastern. The program, which will feature discussion on the day's headlines, will debut Aug. 29.

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“I’ve known Rev. Sharpton for over a decade and have tremendous respect for him. He has always been one of our most thoughtful and entertaining guests,” said Griffin in a statement. “I’m thrilled that he’s now reached a point in his career where he’s able to devote himself to hosting a nightly show." 

Adds Sharpton, who has subbed in for past MSNBC hosts and has filled in during the 6 pm time slot since June, "It is a natural extension of my life work and growth. We all learn from our pain and stand up from our stumbling and one must either learn to lean forward or fall backwards. I'm glad they have given me the opportunity to continue my forward lean."

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Earlier this month, Sharpton got a vote of confidence from fellow MSNBC host Chris Matthews, who told the Television Critics Association that he's done particularly well. "It matters to me who is on at 6 p.m., obviously, and he has done really well in keeping our audience and helping build it towards 7 p.m. I mean, he’s not all the way there yet, but if he gets the job, I think he’d do well."

Sharpton will maintain his gig as host of a nationally syndicated radio show that broadcasts five days a week.

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