Crazed Alabama Fan Comes in Like a 'Wrecking Ball' on Oklahoma Student (Video)

Alabama fan Screengrab - H 2013

Alabama fan Screengrab - H 2013

The viral video of a college football bowl game attack gets a Miley Cyrus remix.

A female Alabama football fan whose attack on an Oklahoma student during a Jan. 2 college football game went viral has finally got the theme tune that she deserves.

Michelle Pritchett was attending the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, La., with her husband, their 16-year-old son and his friends, when something said by an opposing fan fired up her fury.

Rather than ignore the comments, she walked across the stands and pointed at her foe in the face while being restrained by her spouse, who physically pulled her back.

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Still shouting to the young Sooners fan even while being planted back into her seat -- much to the amusement of the crowd gathering around them -- Pritchett snuck around the back of her beleaguered husband and can be seen suddenly flying in from the right and launching herself into the air.

The chaos that ensued saw her bicycle-kicking like a soccer player, propelling her booted feet at his face until she is dragged off her astonished opponent.

Of course, the only song fitting for such mayhem is by Miley Cyrus, and after Pritchett turned into an Internet sensation following the game, a web user has added "Wrecking Ball" to the almost two-minute long YouTube video.

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Pritchett has since offered an explanation for the embarrassing incident, telling "It had nothing to do about the ball game. It had nothing to do with us losing. It started when he started taunting my son," she revealed.

She went on to deliver a heartfelt apology to Alabama coach Nick Saban for causing a national humiliation to his team, which came in the wake of a 45-31 defeat at the hands of Oklahoma.

"I'm embarrassed. I love The Tide and I apologize to all the players and to Coach Saban and to the entire fan base," she told Alabama news site Yellowhammer. "I'm sorry. Coach Saban's going to say ‘those crazy fans don't know how to act.'

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"And I wasn't intoxicated either. I want people to know that. I'd had a couple of drinks, but I was not intoxicated," said the protective mother, who claims that the fans had called her offensive names and thrown bottles. Despite the notoriety she has received, Pritchett said she doesn't regret how she acted. "I hate to say it, but I'd do it again if I had to. I'm not going to let anyone go after my son," she vowed, according to Yellowhammer.

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Michael Connolly, the University of Oklahoma student who was on the receiving end of Pritchett's spiraling boot, said via Twitter that he also got a sincere apology from Pritchett on Saturday night.