Alabama TV Station Discusses Bill Cosby's "Rap Alligations"

Someone needs a spell checker

A local Alabama TV station caught a lot of flak for a mislabeling of Bill Cosby's mounting "Rap Alligations" during a news segment. 

WAFF-TV in Huntsville put up the obviously misspelled background graphic on a Cosby feature. The mistakes were spotted by Sara Smith, a Red Cross communications official for eastern Pennsylvania. 

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WAFF-TV's News Director Adam Henning told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement: "It is obviously embarrassing, unacceptable, and has been appropriately addressed. We cannot go into any greater detail than that beyond saying steps have been taken to guarantee that the person who made the error can not make it again."

It sounds like somebody's going to have a very bad weekend.

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Nov. 21, 2014 11:54 a.m. Updated with the statement from WAFF-TV News Director.