Alain Delon Will Not Be Cesar Awards President in "Solidarity" With Roman Polanski

Alain Delon

The legendary actor shot down speculation that he would serve as president of the Cesar Awards in "solidarity" with the filmmaker.

Legendary French actor Alain Delon has shot down speculation that he would step up to preside over this year’s Cesar Awards after director Roman Polanski resigned following controversy.

“I would not preside over the Cesars in solidarity with Polanski,” he told the newspaper Le Figaro on Friday.

Polanski was selected for the honorary position of president on Jan. 18, and declined on Tuesday after French feminist groups objected to the appointment and planned to protest both the nomination announcements and the awards ceremony.

After Polanski resigned, Anouchka Delon suggested her father would be named president in an Instagram post showing the actor in his Caesar costume from the 2008 film Asterix and the Olympics.

“If I were asked to preside over the Cesars in his place, I wouldn’t go, in solidarity with Polanski,” said Delon.

He said Polanski deserves to be given peace. “Every time he crosses the street, are we going to talk about 1970?”

Polanski is still wanted in the U.S. after pleading guilty to a rape charge in 1978 but fleeing the country before sentencing.

“And if I have to put my feet on the plate, well, I put them on,” Delon finished, using a French expression that means putting forth an unpopular opinion.


Il est LÀ le président des Césars Ave lui !

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