Alan Dershowitz to Appear in Adam Carolla's 'No Safe Spaces' Film

Alan Dershowtiz - Getty - H 2018
Brent N. Clarke/FilmMagic

The doc stars Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager and will feature a segment with Tim Allen.

Alan Dershowitz, famous for his work defending civil liberties over the past five decades, has joined No Safe Spaces, a documentary from comedian Adam Carolla and conservative talk-show host Dennis Prager that pokes fun at political correctness on college campuses.

Dershowitz, is famous for defending celebrities in some of the most headline-grabbing trials in modern history, and many of those cases have been turned into TV shows and movies, including those involving O.J. Simpson, Claus von Bulow, Patty Hearst and Jim Bakker.

No Safe Spaces will address myriad examples of students shouting down speakers or demanding they not be allowed to speak in the first place, as was the case last year with Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley. The movie will also touch on comedians who no longer feel welcome on campuses because some of their jokes are suddenly deemed offensive. Tim Allen, for example, will be featured in a roundtable discussion.

In one segment in No Safe Spaces, which is aiming for a fall release, Dershowitz will be seen  chatting with Prager and belittling college teachers who refuse to stand up for free speech.

“My biggest enemies are the hard left,” the attorney says (video is below). “In 50 years of teaching at Harvard, Stanford, NYU, Hebrew University, you name it — I have never met a group of less courageous people in my whole life than tenured Harvard, and tenured other, professors.”

No Safe Spaces will delve a bit beyond academia, also, with Prager rehashing a controversy over him guest-conducting an orchestra at Walt Disney Hall; and also his Prager University’s lawsuit against YouTube for “restricting” about 40 of his videos.