Alan Meltzer, Founder of Wind-Up Records, Dies at 67

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Under the music industry veteran's watch, the label signed multi-platinum acts Creed and Evanescence. He also owned and operated CD One Stop, one of the biggest wholesale distributors of compact discs in the 1980s and 1990s.

Alan Meltzer, the founder and former chairman of Wind-up Entertainment, passed away over the weekend, it was announced on Monday (Oct. 31). He was 67.

Meltzer along with his wife Diana formed New York-based Wind-up Records in 1997 after purchasing indie label Grass Records. Under their watch, the company signed multi-platinum acts such as Creed and Evanescence and played a key role in the popularity of hard rock at the end of the 1990s. Meltzer left the company in 2010.

Prior to his time as a label head, Meltzer owned and operated Connecticut-based CD One Stop, which grew from a chain of Long Island record stores into one of the biggest wholesale distributors of compact discs in the 1980s and 1990s.

Of Meltzer’s passing, Wind-up CEO and president Ed Vetri said, “Alan was a creative force in the entertainment industry and will be missed. His passion for music and long term artist development was the capstone of the label and continues to drive us today.” 

Steve Karas, co-owner of SKH Music and a former staffer at Wind-Up shared these thoughts of Meltzer with The Hollywood Reporter: "Meltzer was a gambler.  A man who was fearless in putting his resources on the table to back-up his instincts and convictions.  There are many who benefitted greatly from his personal crusades, and whether it be Wind-up staff, or the artists who grew to have huge careers, all are indebted to his will to win.  With his passing, it is a moment for all who experienced his generosity to reflect on the good times."

Andrew Lurie of 110 Management, who manages Evanescence, fronted by Amy Lee, offered these words: "Over the span of a decade, I dealt with Alan, first in my capacity as a lawyer for artists signed to Wind-up and then as the manager of Evanescence. Alan was a true entrepreneur and along with his amazing wife, Diana, carved out a unique place in the rock world. While he was a fierce competitor and great negotiator, at the end of the day, he was at his best when it came to talking about the music itself, especially when it came to Amy's music."

Meltzer's death was said to be sudden and results of an autopsy are pending. 

Says a rep for the label: "In the interest of respecting family and friends’ privacy, no other details are available at this time."