Alan Sugar remains at U.K.'s 'Apprentice'

BBC Trust finds editorial guidelines were not breached

LONDON -- The BBC Trust has given Alan Sugar the go ahead to continue his role in the U.K. version of "The Apprentice" after Sugar took a government role.

The Trust investigated whether the star of the Talkback Thames-produced program had breached editorial guidelines by taking a government role as a Labour peer advising on business as Enterprise Champion.

The Trust said in a statement Wednesday that the public broadcaster's editorial guidelines had not been breached.

Trust chairman Michael Lyons said that ensuring the impartiality of the BBC was considered to be "of the utmost importance."

"As the BBC editorial guidelines make clear, the public must be able to trust the integrity of BBC programs, and audiences must be confident that the outside activities of program makers or presenters do not undermine BBC impartiality," Lyons said.