Alana Hadid on New Lou & Grey Collab, Hadid Family Holiday Traditions

Getty Images/Courtesy of Lou & Grey
Alana Hadid

Gigi and Bella’s older half-sister also reveals her style inspiration: “I like to think, what would Anna Dello Russo do?”

It should come as no surprise that the other Hadid sister (no, not Gigi or Bella, but the models’ older half-sister, Alana) is also a drop-dead stunner. With the Hadid signature piercing blue gaze and a shock of blonde hair, it only makes sense that Alana take her turn in front of the camera, too, as the poster child for LOFT’s spinoff leisure line, Lou & Grey.

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But like her 20-year-old sister Gigi, who has starred in a music video and just recently tried her hand at design, Alana is a jack-of-all-trades type when it comes to fashion. A stylist and entrepreneur by day, the Los Angeles-based creative not only did her thing in front of the camera for the casual wear line but also collaborated with the brand on her own Alana Hadid x Lou & Grey collection of bandanas, which will hit stores for the spring 2016 season. 

On Wednesday evening, Alana was joined by a few members of her large family (including her dad Mohamed, her sister Marielle and her younger half-brother Anwar) at the cozy Republique restaurant in West Hollywood to celebrate her partnership with the brand with an intimate evening. Guests were gifted a limited edition, personalized scarf — one of Alana's own signature style staples — which will be available on Lou & Grey's site on Dec. 28 for $32. 

On the heels of her new collection's launch, Pret-a-Reporter chatted with Alana about her future in modeling, her style inspirations and what a Hadid holiday looks like. 

What’s it been like transitioning from a role behind the camera (as a stylist) to a role in front of it? Did you get any modeling tips from your sisters?

It's been really fun to do something a little different. My sisters didn't give me any tips, they were just really excited and proud of me. I would love to do more modeling, it was a lot of work, I gained a new respect for sisters.

How did you come across the Lou & Grey brand?

I met them at their store right before it opened. I walked in and looked around and felt right at home. It looks exactly like my apartment in there. There is actually a piece of art I spotted right away, I have the exact same piece above my bed. I was just chatting about how much I loved the brand and I had no idea I was talking to their head of PR. I guess I made a good impression.

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You seem like you have a very California-cool aesthetic. How would you personally describe your style and what influenced it?

I think my style is pretty eclectic. I put something vintage on almost every day. I like to be comfortable but also to do something fun, mix a print, add something masculine to a feminine outfit. I like to think, what would Anna Dello Russo do?

Favorite piece from Lou & Grey and how you’d style it?

That's hard — I'm kind of obsessed with everything. But the one item I love right now is the roomy plaid coat. I would do plaid on plaid or a great comfy black sweater and dropped crotch pant. The plaid jacket brings everything up.

What is a typical day as a stylist like for you? Are you mostly dressing people for the everyday? Or for special events?

I dress people for the everyday, which is really fun for me. I love knowing I have an effect on my clients every day.

Do you ever give your sisters style advice? Do they ever give you advice?

They ask me for style advice all the time. We talk all the time about what to wear — I love it.

What’s it been like seeing your family’s sudden ascent to stardom?

It seems quick to most people, but my sisters have been working hard for a while to get to this place in their careers. It's so incredibly fun to see them get recognition. We are all having fun and working hard.

Any family traditions for the holidays?

We do a Secret Santa for Christmas and each pick a sibling to get a gift for, but when Christmas rolls around we have already gotten everyone gifts. We can't help ourselves.

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Both of your sisters have starred in major music videos — any musician in particular that you would love to collaborate with? Or that you just generally admire?

I'm totally in love with Ellie Goulding. I have been listening to her for years ... so excited to see how amazing her new album is.

New Year’s resolution?

I don't really do those.