6 Reasons to Follow Alber Elbaz on Instagram

Alber Elbaz - Publicity - P 2018
Courtesy of LeSportsac

Number one: That face.

If The New York Times' Vanessa Friedman's latest article about former Lanvin creative director Alber Elbaz is any indication, everyone and anyone is dying to know what the Israeli designer is going to do next. 

Early buzz hinted he may be filling Raf Simon's shoes at Dior, but those rumors have since been replaced with speculation (and excitement) that he may actually be starting his own line.

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Through the whole ordeal, Elbaz himself has stayed pretty mum, remaining tight-lipped to the media. But social media? That's another story. Especially on Instagram, everyone's favorite bespectacled designer has been postin' away, sharing snapshots of his "amigos" (hello, Karl Lagerfeld), his childhood and, our personal favorite, his quirky, lovable self (see above). 

As if you needed a more convincing excuse to follow the designer aside from just his stellar resume, here are six infallible reasons you should be social stalking Elbaz, like yesterday. 

1. His Amigos


A photo posted by Alber Elbaz (@alberelbaz8) on

Just look at the bliss Elbaz experiences as he embraces Karl Lagerfeld. (Let's be honest, we'd all have the same reaction in the arms of the Kaiser.)


A photo posted by Alber Elbaz (@alberelbaz8) on

Plus he's tight with Bono. As his caption reads, "Two #Amigos..... #Bono+Me".

2. His Emojis/Hashtags

The designer used 30 emojis alone to announce his Instagram presence, and continues to use hashtags like #alberelbaz and #instagram just in case you forgot whose social account you were looking at. And it's always nice to see a #iloveyou.

3. His Selfies


A photo posted by Alber Elbaz (@alberelbaz8) on

The man knows how to pick a background. 

4. His Sketches


A photo posted by Alber Elbaz (@alberelbaz8) on

In every sketch he creates, Elbaz is basically an adorable caricature of himself. 

5. The Glasses and Bow Tie Combo


A photo posted by Alber Elbaz (@alberelbaz8) on

A uniform that never goes out of style. 

6. Whatever Is Happening Here


A photo posted by Alber Elbaz (@alberelbaz8) on

The hat. The sassy expression. Never change, Alber. Never change.