Alchemy has tonic for MIPCOM market


Alchemy Television Group is bringing a slew of unscripted formats and its upcoming big-budget miniseries "Ben-Hur" to MIPCOM.

The company's reality format slate includes "Scene Stealers," a makeover reality show airing as part of BBC2's Switch programming block. It takes two teenagers from one teen "tribe" and challenges them to go through a transformation and convince a panel of judges that they belong to a different peer group for a prize. Plastics become hip-hop MCs, goths become plastics, scene kids become emos, etc.

The format also is being shopped to U.S. networks.

"You're Not the Man I Married" is another makeover show, recently picked up by BBC Northern Ireland, which features couples who are struggling to retain the spark their marriage. Wives who feel their husbands are no longer as attentive as they once were are treated to a week's break in a luxury spa while the husbands are taught how to be the perfect gentleman.

" 'Til Debt Do Us Part" also features married couples. Airing on Slice Network in Canada and American Life in the USA, the series features a "debt doctor" visiting families who are struggling with their finances because they tend to spend beyond their means.

"Crack the Code" is a game show in which 10 contestants compete to form a unique code to open a safe holding a fortune in cash.

"Ben-Hur" is a four-hour, $30 million Canada-Spain co-production. The updated version of the classic story will be directed by Christian Duguay.

MIPCOM runs Monday-Oct. 17 in Cannes.