Alchemy hitches its chariot to 'Ben-Hur'


Joseph Morgan, Emily VanCamp and Stephen Campbell Moore are starring in "Ben-Hur," a four-hour miniseries produced and financed by Alchemy Television Group.

Steven Shill, helmer of the surprise boxoffice hit "Obsessed," is directing the adaptation of Lew Wallace's 1880 novel from a script by Alan Sharp ("Rob Roy"). Production begins this week in Ouarzazate, Morocco.

Morgan will play the title role immortalized by Charlton Heston in the 1959 movie, a wealthy Jewish youth in the time of Jesus Christ who seeks revenge and to reclaim his identity after being betrayed by his friend Messala (Moore). VanCamp plays Esther, the daughter of a slave and Ben-Hur's love interest.

Also in the cast are Ray Winstone as Ben-Hur's adoptive father, Kristen Kruek as his sister and Hugh Bonneville as Pontius Pilate.

Alex Kingston, Lucia Jimenez, Miguel Angel Munoz, Marc Warren, Art Malik and James Faulkner round out the cast of the project, budgeted at north of $22 million.

The mini, which is competing against the memory of the William Wyler-directed Oscar-winning classic, will include the famous chariot race, which will shoot in an oasis in the Moroccan desert.

Wyler's son, David Wyler, is exec producing the mini with Manuel Corbi, Michael Prupas, Frank Konigsberg and Dirk Beinhold. Spain's Drimtim Entertainment, Canada's Muse Entertainment and Morocco's Zak Prods. are co-producing with Alchemy and Germany's Akkord Films.

In addition to ABC, "Ben-Hur" will air on Canada's CBC, Spain's Antenna 3 and Germany's ProSieben.

Morgan, repped by ICM and the U.K.'s Independent Talent Group, is best known stateside for his work in "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World."

VanCamp, repped by ICM and Thruline, stars on ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" and next appears in "Carriers" opposite Chris Pine.

The UTA-repped Moore appeared in "The Bank Job." (partialdiff)