Alcon, Sleeping Giant Launch ASG Group to Drive Down Music Cue Costs

Ralph Nelson/Warner Bros.
Sandra Bullock in "The Blind Side"

Alcon, which produced "The Blind Side" and "Transcendence," partners with Sleeping Giant Media on a new joint venture, ASG Media Group.

Why pay through the nose to license someone else's music for a movie or TV show when you can own the music yourself for less, and maybe license it to someone else down the line?

That's the reasoning behind Alcon Entertainment and Sleeping Giant Media's new joint venture, ASG Media Group, launched on Apr. 15.

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Alcon, which produced Sandra Bullock's surprise best actress Oscar-winning drama The Blind Side, 2013's acclaimed but too-violent-for-Oscar film Prisoners and Wally Pfister's directorial debut Transcendence starring Johnny Depp, launched Alcon Management Enterprises in 2011 and a TV unit in 2012. 

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ASG will provide original and third-party content for Alcon TV and movie properties and also provide music to other media company partners. Sleeping Giant was founded by Grammy-winning producer Ken Caillat, singer/songwriter/producer Michael Hodges and executive/songwriter Kayla Morrison.

"We have built a model to increase revenue and value for all ASG's partners," says Hodges. "This model will eventually increase revenues for production companies that typically see less than $500,000 annually to several million, while subsequently increasing overall values and assets. Additionally, it increases opportunities for dozens of amazing new and possibly forgotten artists, composers and writers."