Alec Baldwin: 'Americans Seem to Only Care About Sex and Taxes'

Annie Leibovitz/Disney Parks via Getty Images

The "30 Rock" star praises Russell Brand, muses on politics on new Twitter account.

Alec Baldwin is putting his new Twitter account to use, commenting on everything from Russell Brand to politics in a spurt of activity Friday night.

Of his Rock of Ages co-star Brand, Baldwin tweeted, "Russell Brand is beyond funny. I cannot keep a straight face working with him."

PHOTO: Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand on 'Rock of Ages' Set

Baldwin then dissected potential Republican presidential candidates and the state of the union in general.

Of the GOP field: "Unwarranted fear/loathing of Obama is sad, but real." "Romney has that Plymouth Rock last name" "and Ken doll appeal that a lot of right-wingers go for." "Who then? Newt? Huckabee? Christie? Obama would slice and dice them." "Romney has the best chance. But that's not saying much."

On the U.S.' needs: "America needs strong defense spending, but wise as well." "We need infrastructure." "Hundreds of billions for an Apollo-type investment in renewable energy." "We need higher tolls, fees on single occupancy commuters." "The economy will tell the tale, as always, come next Fall."

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On Americans: "Miot [sic] Americans have already forgotten the BP spill, Fukushima." "Americans, too many of them, seem to only care about sex and taxes."

The 30 Rock star has nearly 68,000 followers on his account, up from 11,000 after launching it last week.