Alec Baldwin Arrested for Biking in Wrong Direction

AP Images/Invision
Alec Baldwin

UPDATED: The actor was taken into custody after getting "a little belligerent with the officers" when asked for identification on Tuesday morning in NYC.

Alec Baldwin was arrested on Tuesday morning in New York City after riding his bicycle in the wrong direction, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

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The actor and Greenwich Village resident was stopped at the corner of 16th Street and Fifth Avenue at 10:15 a.m. ET for biking against traffic (going north on Fifth Avenue, a southbound street with a marked bike lane).

When police officers asked Baldwin to identify himself, he did not have any I.D. on him at the time.

"He got a little belligerent with the officers, so they took him into custody to identify him," NYPD detective Marc Nell told THR. "He was identified and given two summonses, and he is now on his merry way."

Baldwin has been under fire recently for a lengthy New York Magazine essay that attacks Rachel Maddow and Shia LaBeouf, among others, as well as for shouting unconfirmed homophobic slurs that caused MSNBC to suspend production of his Up Late program.

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Shortly afterward, strongly worded tweets were posted to the account of the Alec Baldwin Foundation, listing the alleged officer who arrested him:

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