Alec Baldwin Back as Trump on 'SNL': "Prepare to Go to War"

Trump Bannon SNL - H 2017
Saturday Night Live

The main thread of the skit revolved around Steve Bannon, personified as the Grim Reaper.

Alec Baldwin was at it once more when he returned to this week's Saturday Night Live to again dig at President Donald Trump. 

Baldwin, who does an uncanny impression, skewered Trump following another tough week for the president as he got major pushback for newly enacted policies and butted heads with world leaders. 

Baldwin's Trump, wearing a Russian flag lapel pin, threatened Australia and Mexico with war over refugees and the wall, respectively. 

He also worked in references to the fictitious "Bowling Green massacre" and Trump's actual feud with new Apprentice host Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The main thread of the skit revolved around Steve Bannon, who was personified as the Grim Reaper, giving the Trump character awful advice, which he of course followed. 

Baldwin, who started doing the impression during the campaign season, has been very vocal in his criticisms of Trump and has said over social media numerous times he believes the former reality TV star is unfit for office. 

Trump on multiple occasions has taken the bait and blasted the long-running NBC sketch show — which he himself hosted in the past  — and Baldwin, accusing the program and actor of essentially character assassination. 

Baldwin was even criticizing Trump hours before the show aired this week:

Watch the SNL sketch below.