Alec Baldwin Calls out Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump for "Bullshit Warmongering"

Alec Baldwin Clios H 2015 via AP Images

Alec Baldwin Clios H 2015

"The government certainly needs to be run in a more businesslike fashion, but you can never run the government like a business," he told THR before hosting the CLIO Awards.

When it comes to the seemingly endless list of Republican presidential candidates, Alec Baldwin says he's trying to ignore the hype — but that doesn't mean staying quiet on the issue he says is most ignored in politics today: peace.

At last night's CLIO Awards in New York City, Baldwin spoke to The Hollywood Reporter briefly about his thoughts on the 2016 presidential race — even though he's doing his best to reserve comment until 2016.

"I think there's a lot of people in that game, and it's all going to change after the first of the year [of campaigning] so we'll see what happens. I don't take any of it seriously now," he said before the ceremony at the American Museum of Natural History. "Between now and the spring is an eternity — a lot of people will drop out."

Even once the now-crowded field for the Republican presidential nomination clears, Baldwin said he doesn't see Donald Trump as a serious candidate.

"I doubt [public support] will go to Trump," he explained. "I think that Trump is a person who's been a very successful man in some ways, but whether that translates into authoring, or shepherding — because very often the president is not the author of his policy, but he's certainly the frontman or frontwoman, as the case may be — whether that translates [with] Trump's skills, I don't know."

"Without making any comments, other businessmen who have risen to power in this city and nationwide seem to want the government to be run like a business," he added, alluding to former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. "The government certainly needs to be run in a more businesslike fashion, but you can never run the government like a business. Business are for-profit, ... whereas the government is to be run to do the most good for the most people. You don't see that happening now."

Baldwin's biggest qualm with today's political discourse? The fact that "peace is a quaint idea."

"Every single person, Democrat or Republican, you never hear them talk about peace — like peace is a naive idea," he told THR. "They're all bullshit warmongering — Hillary [Clinton], Trump, everyone of them. And that's tragic. That's the biggest tragedy of the race."