Alec Baldwin on Fatherhood, Tom Cruise in 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' and His 'Glengarry Glen Ross' Role

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The '30 Rock' star told the C2 conference in Montreal that his most important role these days is with his two kids at home.

Weeks away from having his second child with his wife, Hilaria, Alec Baldwin opened up about life with two young children.

"It's reality. I'm 57 years old. And when my son is born in July, I'll be 57 years old with two kids under two years of age," the 30 Rock star told the C2 conference in Montreal on Tuesday, gushing that fatherhood was his biggest role these days. Baldwin, whose first daughter with Hilaria  was born in August 2013, also has a 19-year-old daughter, Ireland, from his previous marriage to Kim Basinger

"It's a very LSD-trip phase of my life. My daughter is obsessed with Peppa Pig. This is my life. There's three woman who voice the character of Peppa Pig. And she's a pig. Hello? And I'm so deep down into that crevasse right now that I have opinions on which actress is the best Peppa," he said.

Baldwin also said that fatherhood has made him choosier about which parts to play. The Emmy-winning actor is currently preparing to star in an upcoming revival of Arthur Miller's All My Sons.

But mostly he prefers film and TV roles these days, so he can spend more time at home taking care of his young family. One movie role he relished was playing a villain opposite Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, which is set for a release on July 31.

Baldwin praised Cruise's commitment to doing his own death-defying stunts. "I looked at Tom and what he puts himself through to make his movies. He just said 'I got to give them their money's worth,' " he recalled.

By "their money," Cruise meant both the studios that finance the movie and the audience that buys tickets at the local multiplex. "I thought, what a great attitude to have," Baldwin said.

The veteran actor also recalled one of his more memorable movie roles, as a hired-gun motivational speaker in Glengarry Glen Ross. The role of Blake wasn't in David Mamet's original two-act play, which earned a Pulitzer prize.

Baldwin said Mamet added his role to the movie adaptation to "incentivize" the salesmen characters to commit a crime. "These men were not criminals, they'd never committed any crimes. But he [Mamet] wanted to find the predator in these men, how to get them to hunt each other, to destroy each other and to kill each other,' Baldwin added.

The C2 conference continues through Thursday in Montreal.