Alec Baldwin: 'I'm Very, Very Interested' in Running for Political Office

Art Streiber/NBC Universal, Inc

The '30 Rock' star says it's something he's considered but admits it would be 'extremely painful' to leave acting.

Alec Baldwin for president?

Perhaps not just yet, but the Emmy-winning 30 Rock star says he is "very, very interested" running for political office, following in the footsteps of other actor-turned-politicians including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan.

"I do believe that people want to believe that someone who deeply cares about the middle class ... would like to seek public office," he said in an interview on CNN's Parker Spiter that aired Tuesday night. "We've had men who are Ivy League-groomed running this country since 1988. We've had 22 years of Yale and Harvard, and the problems aren't getting solved."

Baldwin said has been approached about running for various positions that would require him to move out of New York, which he would be reluctant to do.

He also would find it hard to give up his acting career, he said.

"People would say to me all the time, why would you want to [run for office]?" he said. "And sometimes I don't want to do it, because to leave what I'm doing now would be extremely painful."

Still, Baldwin has said on multiple occasions over the past couple of years that he wants to give up acting while he's still young enough to pursue another career.

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