Alec Baldwin Joins Twitter; Which 10 People is He Following?

Art Streiber/NBC Universal, Inc
Alec Baldwin

As of Friday afternoon, the “30 Rock” star already has nearly 11,000 followers.

Alec Baldwin has joined Twitter.

The 30 Rock star sent out his first tweet early Friday afternoon, writing, “My first tweet. Maybe I needed a glass of wine beforehand. I shy.”

And who are the lucky people Baldwin is following right out of the gate?

Among the 10 people, President Barack Obama, Steve Martin, Tracy Morgan, the official Twitter account for his veteran NBC comedy 30 Rock and Jane Krakowski’s 30 Rock alter-ego Jenna Maroney.

Baldwin’s first tweets seem random at best. “Drunken HUNT FOR RED OCTORBER test..... Say “Magneto-hydrodynamic drive” three times fast. With a Scottish accent,” he wrote.

An hour later, Baldwin sent out the following to the Twittersphere: “Happy Holiday. Couldn’t you use a long weekend right about now?”

As of 6 p.m. PT, Baldwin has already racked up 10,568 followers.