Alec Baldwin on Photographer Scuffle: We'd 'Had it With This Guy'

Alec Baldwin Paparazzi Scuffle - P 2013
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Alec Baldwin Paparazzi Scuffle - P 2013

The former "30 Rock" star tells David Letterman the paparazzo he pinned to the hood of a car had previously tripped over a baby stroller while trying to photograph him.

Alec Baldwin is opening up about his recent scuffle with a paparazzo on the streets of New York, telling David Letterman the photographer had previously harassed him outside his home.

On Aug. 28, Baldwin was photographed pinning freelance photographer Paul Adao to the hood of a car, after Adao had allegedly followed Baldwin and his wife to take photographs of them.

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On Thursday's The Late Show, Letterman asked Baldwin about the incident, showing a photograph of the actor pinning the photographer from behind and asking what was going on.

"This is not Brokeback Mountain 25 years later," Baldwin quipped.

"What can we learn from this, Alec?" Letterman asked.

"That the stop and frisk policy is working in New York," Baldwin responded.

Letterman said he understood why Baldwin reacted the way he did.

"They were baiting you. They were chasing your wife, who had just given birth," Letterman said.'

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The police were called to the scene, but no charges were filed. Baldwin, doing his best New York accent,  said an officer told him "They say in the paper you've got trouble controlling yourself."

He continued, "But I gotta tell you, I think you control yourself real well, because imagine what you would do to this guy if you could do whatever you want to him."

Baldwin said the same photographer had previously tried to photograph him in his neighborhood.

"He backed up and tripped and fell on a baby in a stroller -- and sat on a baby," Baldwin said. "We were like, we'd had it with this guy. So I stopped and I frisked him."