Alec Baldwin Reads Excerpt From Trump Parody Book on 'The Tonight Show'

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Still Alec Baldwin - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of NBC

The Trump impersonator also discussed his Emmy acceptance speech snub and his Trump-centric Halloween.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Baldwin explained how he can’t escape his infamous Trump impression and suffered consequences after his Emmy win for Saturday Night Live.

After showing a photo of him and his family dressed as the Wizard of Oz cast for Halloween, the Emmy winner admitted that he’s only viewed as Donald Trump regardless of any costume he could wear.

The actor explained that, during the holiday, he was continuously asked, “Hey Donald Trump, how are you doing?” “Every year that I’ve been doing this crazy stuff, it colors everything that way,” Baldwin said. 

After winning an Emmy for his Trump impression, Baldwin recalled feeling like a “moron” after failing to thank SNL make-up artist Louie Zakarian and hairstylist Jodi Mancuso.

“Normally I remember who to thank. I kind of got that in my pocket. I know the timing. I got 45 seconds. And I forget to thank Louie Zakarian and Jodi Mancuso, who did the whole Trump gag. I felt like a complete moron,” Baldwin admitted.

After returning to film SNL, Baldwin recalled the make-up artist and hairstylist being quick to call him out for the acceptance speech snub. “Both of them are like, ‘How you doing Alec, huh? How was your trip out to California?'"

Although Baldwin apologized, Mancuso was quick to remind him of why he won the Emmy. “When you were doing your thank-yous to people, I accepted that. I understood that. Sometimes people, they forget,” Baldwin recalled Mancuso saying. While being understanding, Baldwin said Mancuso was unable to comprehend why the actor thanked others when he is “nothing without that wig.”

Switching gears to discuss his new Trump parody book, You Can’t Spell America Without Me, Baldwin kicked off the first installment of the Tonight Show’s “G’readings.”

Impersonating Trump, Baldwin read an excerpt that mocked both the president and Steve Bannon.

“I am a strong believer in sitting down, personally, with the people who are dying to work with me, eye-to-eye, face-to-face, kick the tires, give them the smell test,” Baldwin as Trump read.

Continuing, “And the ‘smell’ part, I mean literally. For instance, when I first met Steve Bannon in 2011, I thought, 'The khaki slacks and the no-necktie and the big gut and the spotty face" … Quite frankly reminded me of the actor Broderick Crawford kind of imitating Truman Capote.”

Baldwin then joked of Trump’s “superpower” of “smelling winners.”

The actor read, “But then I got a whiff of Steve, of this certain aroma that winners have that I’m able to smell. It’s hard to describe and other people can’t smell it. Just me. But it’s a kind of peppermint, plus leather, plus electrical fire or butane, but nicer. More like air-conditioning. Smelling winners is one of my superpowers. I sometimes feel like Steve can almost read my mind, like how my mom knew when my dad was gonna smack me or how Aquaman could talk to all the sea creatures underwater.”

You Can’t Spell America Without Me is set to hit shelves Tuesday, Nov. 7.