Alec Baldwin Receives Friend of Italy Award

Alec Baldwin Italy Honor - H - 2014
Hollywood, Capri The International Film Festival

The actor was in Rome to wrap shooting on new film ‘Andron — The Black Labyrinth’

Alec Baldwin arrived in Rome to accept a Friend of Italy Award on behalf of the Capri, Hollywood International Film Festival, which singles out individuals who promote Italian culture abroad. The festival’s head Pascal Vicedomini led the evening’s festivities, which also feted composer Tony Renis for his recent appointment to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“I love to shoot in Italy, and in Rome especially,” Baldwin told reporters after receiving the silver mermaid statuette from acclaimed Django actor Franco Nero. “I look forward to coming back.”

Baldwin had last filmed Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love in the eternal city. And he recently served as artistic adviser to the Philharmonic’s tribute to the music of Italian cinema in New York. “I’ve been in New York for 35 years now and I like to visit other places now and experience something different,” he said.

The actor was in Rome to finish shooting on his latest work, Andron – The Black Labyrinth, which wrapped on Saturday. The new film, by first-time director Francesco Cinquemani, is a high-concept film about a group of people who wake up in an unknown place with no opening to the outside world. They don’t remember who they are, and must unravel a series of clues to rediscover who they are and who put them inside the dangerous maze. The film also stars Danny Glover, Michelle Ryan, Leo Howard and Clara Pasieka.

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“The film is very imaginative with lots of special effects,” Baldwin told The Hollywood Reporter. “The company shoots the film for 10 or 12 weeks and then they go off for eight months of computer effects. You stand in front of a green screen and you say a line, but you have no idea how it’s going to look. It’s a real fantasy film.”

This role was a challenging one for Baldwin to navigate. “It’s a lot of hard work to try and maintain the discipline, because actors always want to make the scene important with their acting,” said Baldwin. “So they speak, and they want it to be dramatic, and sometimes you have to step back and let the cinematics take over. You don’t have to act out the whole film in one scene. That’s what we always say in America.”

Andron – The Black Labyrinth shot in Canada, Malta and Italy, creating a series of highly-original sets for a film that takes place almost entirely underground. The film will head to Toronto for post-production, using over 300 CGI effects, led by Michael Kowalski, who created special effects for The Amazing Spider-Man, The Twilight Saga, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk.

The film was produced by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi, whose new shingle Ambi Pictures was also behind Venice’s Al Pacino hit The Humbling. “It’s completely different from anything I’ve ever seen,” says Bacardi of Andron, which deals with themes of modern society and technology. “We had an incredible crew and the results are really amazing. It is really something you need to see to believe." The film is expected to come out next summer.

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