Alec Baldwin’s Trump Baseball Cap Puzzles Russians

Alec Baldwin

Russian speakers and media outlets have been guessing whether or not the poor translation of "Make American Great Again" was deliberate.

An Instagram picture posted by Alec Baldwin in which the actor is seen sporting a red baseball cap bearing Donald Trump’s slogan "Make America Great Again," translated into broken Russian has left Russian media outlets and social media users puzzled.


A photo posted by Alec Baldwin (@iamabfalecbaldwin) on

Numerous Russian speakers have been attempting to guess whether the garbled translation was deliberate and intended to contain a specific message.

Online magazine suggested that Baldwin was using broken Russian deliberately to say that it can sometimes be difficult to make sense of what the president-elect says.

However, some social media users doubted that the actor could use the poor translation intentionally, making comparisons to nonsensical Cyrillic words that were supposed to mean something in Russian in some Hollywood films.

Incidentally, Google Translate provides exactly the same version of the translation of "Make America Great Again" as that featured on Baldwin's cap.

Baldwin's picture has so far generated over 27,000 likes on Instagram. In the comments, some users suggested that Baldwin needs "help with Russian grammar." One user, writing in apparently native Russian, said: "What's this utter illiteracy about??? Alec, take it off and don't make a fool of yourself."