Alec Baldwin's Twitter Account 'Deactivated' After 'Words With Friends' Debacle

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Less than 24 hours after tweeting his eviction from an American Airlines flight, Baldwin has seemingly vacated the social network.

Alec Baldwin may have hit the self-destruct button on his Twitter account.

After garnering attention on Tuesday with a well-documented eviction from an American Airlines flight for playing "Words With Friends," the 30 Rock star encouraged his nearly 600,000 readers to unfollow him en masse, in hopes of crashing his account. And he seems to have gotten his wish.

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As of Wednesday morning, @AlecBaldwin is now listed as "deactivated."

Throughout Tuesday, Baldwin had tweeted his ordeal leaving one flight for another, slamming American Airlines for his treatment and trying to get #theresalwaysunited a trending hashtag. (The actor also claims that's his new Words With Friends user name, should anyone want to try and play with him.)

Baldwin's publicist, Matthew Hiltzik, poked fun at the situation on Twitter yesterday, but Monday he seemed a bit put off.

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"Hey @AMERICAN_AA: How come ok 4 other 1st class passengers 2 tweet while @alecbaldwin asked to leave while using his device?" he wrote.

So while Baldwin's prolific 7-month tenure on Twitter may have come to an end, it's probably not over. Before deleting the account, one of Baldwin's last tweets alluded to "starting fresh" on the web site. A mirror of his old account already exists under the username @deactivated001.