Alec Baldwin's Trump Returns to 'SNL' to Say He Fired Comey "Because of Russia"

Alec Baldwin Trump on SNL May 13 - H 2017 Screengrab

"You think I care about optics? I sit on every chair like it's a toilet."

Alec Baldwin reprised his role as President Donald Trump yet again on Saturday Night Live to poke fun at the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey in a sit-down interview with NBC Nightly News' Lester Holt, played by Michael Che

"Thanks for having me here, jazz man," Baldwin's Trump told Che, a misnomer that he would change multiple times throughout the interview to "Tupac" and "Kenan," referencing fellow castmember Kenan Thompson.

As in the actual interview between Trump and Holt earlier this week, the conversation largely focused on Trump's firing of Comey.

"OK, well first all I can say is I won the election fair and square, everyone knows that," Baldwin was quick to boast.

When asked by Che why he fired Comey, Baldwin said, "I fired him because of Russia, he's investigating that. I don't like that. I should fire him."

"You're admitting that. Did I get him," Che asked his earpiece after the revelation, only to presumably be told it didn't matter. "Oh, no? Nothing matters? Absolutely nothing matters?"

Mikey Day, dressed as Paul Ryan in an ice cream vendor's costume, then entered to deliver Baldwin two scoops of ice cream. "I get two scoops," Baldwin said, holding up both his hands with two fingers up, in classic Richard Nixon-style.

When Che asked Baldwin's Trump about the "optics" of his recent firing of Comey, who was investigating Russian collusion into Trump's campaign, Baldwin replied, "You think I care about optics, I sit on every chair like it's a toilet," Baldwin said, scooting to the edge of his chair.

"Your presidency is like the craziest show on TV," Che said, exasperated.

"Well, it's going to be on for eight more seasons even though we should have been canceled months ago," Baldwin responded.

Watch the video below.