Alec Baldwin's Twitter Fight With Republican Politician Turning Into Fundraising Opportunity

Martin Bureau/Getty Images

New York State Senate GOP Majority Leader Dean Skelos used the actor's name while talking about a millionaire's tax, causing the actor to go off online.

Alec Baldwin's Twitter spat with New York state Senate GOP Majority Leader Dean Skelos is growing into a fundraising opportunity for Republicans.

The New York Daily News reports the fight began on Tuesday when Skelos mentioned Baldwin's name in connection to his opposition to a millionaires tax.

"We can't be influenced by the Alec Baldwins of the world that are just buying a $17 million condo in Greenwich Village," he said.

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Baldwin responded with a series of Twitter messages, challenging him to release his tax returns and personal itinerary for the past ten years. "C'mon Dean Skelos!! You professional distorted [sic] of facts!! Join me in a press conference. And bring your tax returns!!"

Now political operatives from both parties are seeing how the fight can be used as a fundraising plus for the GOP.

"What Alec Baldwin is doing is making Dean Skelos a man of the people and taking the Republican negatives away," veteran Democratic operative Hank Sheinkopf told the Daily News.

"You always want to be attacked by someone rich and powerful so you can look like you're standing up for the little guy and that's what Baldwin's making happen," he said.

GOP consultant Ed Rollins says anytime a prominent Hollywood type combats a Republican candidate, it almost automatically generates funds. "They can get a Conservative list, send out a mail piece or Internet mail saying 'helps us fight the Hollywood liberals.' The more outrageous Baldwin is, the better it is [for Republicans] from the point of view of raising money."