Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Announce Pregnancy

Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Thomas

Alec Baldwin walks the red carpet with his wife, Hilaria Thomas. Baldwin is a double nominee for 30 Rock, vying for outstanding performance by an actor and by an ensemble in a comedy series.

The "30 Rock" actor and his wife are expecting their first child together at the end of this summer.

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria confirmed Tuesday that they are expecting their first baby.

“It was a surprise, a wonderful surprise,” the mom-to-be said in an interview with Extra.

The husband and wife recounted the moment when they found out they would be parents, which started with a scream from Hilaria.

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“There’s a scream I heard, which is a scream normally reserved if there’s a spider in the house, not exaggerating,” Alec said. “Sometimes, once a month you hear, ‘Ahhh! Alec, Alec!’ I come upstairs and there’s a spider on the wall. So then I hear that scream again, but it was not a spider.”

This time, his wife met him with the pregnancy test she had just taken.

“You can make as many jokes as you want, but it really is the most amazing thing,” Alec said. “I’m lucky.”

Baldwin has a 17-year-old daughter, Ireland, with ex-wife Kim Basinger, whom he divorced in 2001. Baldwin wed Hilaria in June 2012.

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The couple says that the baby is due late this summer.

“Now, I’m showing,” Hilaria tells Extra. “It’s getting to be much more, like OMG this is actually gonna happen; now we can start the nursery, the everything, the dreaming.”

Hilaria is a lifestyle correspondent for Extra. The series finale of Alec’s 30 Rock aired last month. More of the couple’s exclusive interview with Extra can be seen on Wednesday’s show.