Alessandra Ambrosio's Victoria's Secret Baby Bump, Megan Fox's Mouth Guard, Marc Jacobs' Beach Boy

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Alessandra Ambrosio in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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We wondered why model Alessandra Ambrosio didn't bare her trademark taut stomach during the November Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Instead she wore two tummy hiding outfits and this jeweled wrap bump disguise. Since she now reveals that she's 4 months pregnant, that means (wait, math moment) she was already 3 months along when she walked the televised runway. Color us impressed. She already has a daughter, age 3. As for how she lost the baby weight the first time, she says:  "I only do yoga once a week or so." Now you can color us jealous.

Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs was spotted relaxing on the beach in the Caribbean with his ex-fiance Lorenzo Martone over the holidays. Just friends or reuniting, everyone wonders. Marc showed off his multi-tatted bod and they both went goo-goo over Roger Berman and Rachel Zoe's bouncing beach baby. 
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Megan Fox has taken to wearing a sports mouth guard. Not in case she runs into director Michael Bay. Seems Her tattoo removal sessions to laser off her Marilyn Monroe ink are incredibly painful and she was clenching her jaw so strongly, she was in danger of damaging her pearly white teeth. 
Year End Fashion Wraps are usually such a snore. But instead of reviewing lame 2011 trends, goes by the numbers, revealing fascinating deets like how many designers' names were mentioned for the Dior designer gig (15), how many Lady Gaga magazine covers there were (36), how many buttons were on the back of Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen wedding gown (58), and more fun 'I did not know that" numeral facts.
In the new Fred Hayman biography  by former Women's Wear editor Rose Apodaca -- “Fred Hayman The Extraordinary Difference: Story of Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Glamour and the Showman Who Sold It All -- we learn why awards dressing was simpler and way more fun in the late 60's, '70s and '80s.  
The legendary Beverly Hills retailer used to transport his Giorgio boutique customers -- and deliver their purchases -- in a Rolls-Royce.  He had four-pound tins of Beluga and live mariachis at every Giorgio party. Young starlets and old comedians hung out in the store, swigging a drink at the oak bar or playing pool. A fireplace gave it a warm clubby ambience so celebrities felt comfortable shopping and just hanging out. 
Natalie Wood was a very big customer and a lovely woman,” recalls Hayman, whose celebrity client list at Giorgio also boasted Barbra Streisand, Ali MacGraw, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Diana Ross and Lucille Ball. “Sinatra was there a lot because we had a big bar, eventually with two bartenders. Sinatra liked the environment, and he liked to play pool, and he liked the women as well.” 
Can you imagine picking out an Oscar dress with Sinatra in the store?  Those were definitely the good old days.